Landscape & Utility Trailer with Enclosed Wiring


The Sure-Trac Difference

Wiring is an important and often overlooked part of your trailer. You often hear the praise on materials used or the gauge of steel on a trailer. However among all of those buzz words its easy to overlook the integral portion of your trailer that makes it operate safely and easily; your wiring! As part of all Landscape and Utility trailers in the Sure-Trac line-up, we run steel conduit through the decking of the trailer. This houses and protects the vital wiring systems that are ran through your trailer. Nothing is worse than showing up to the sales lot and seeing wiring stapled up underneath the deck of the trailer. Sure-Trac invests time and material in to ensuring that each trailer can stand the test of time and and provide long lasting value to our customers.



Sure-Trac Trailers that feature Enclosed Wiring as standard or an option

Tube Top Utility

Tube Top ATV

Tube Top 3-Board High Side

Steel High Side